Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is about the convergence of Telecommunications and IT. This convergence involves global infrastructure, services, and access devices; yielding endless possibilities for end users: individuals, businesses, and governments. As the evolution of the involved technologies, applications, and services continue at a steep pace, management best practices of the its various facets have materialized. Consequently, a complex mesh of continually growing knowledge has set in and driven the attention of both technology makers and consumers to the importance of equally advanced information and process management frameworks.

Research Objective

Develop an information portal that applies minimalist, topic-based, authoring methodology to subject matter information development, management, and domain specific knowledge synthesis. Background content development is built upon the OASIS standard XML DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture); being the currently prevalent info development framework.

One may claim that a knowledge context (or profile) is a synthesis (a configurable map) of self-contained information topics. Hence, one could think of developing and managing knowledge in terms of maintaining modular and manageable typed information topics and re-arrangeable topic maps. This development may involve constructing DITA taxonomies (subject schemes) and specializations to support proper domain representation; or may simply adopt best typing practices w.r.t. the subject knowledge domain.

Tools for facilitating topic and map editing, information typing, and multichannel output styling, are continuously progressing to enable SMEs and large enterprises alike of adopting DITA as an information management framework that integrates with end-user editing environments and existing ECM and BPMS systems.

Professional Objective

Offer contract services that include information modeling & design, structured technical & business documentation; business and IT-governance process modeling; and domain-specific industry analysis. Afford familiarity and consulting partnerships with a number of leading tool developers to support an integral portfolio of business use cases, equally fluently in both the English and the Arabic languages.

Use cases

Potential use case environments of the proposed framework and offered services include:

  • »   Structured knowledge repositories
  • »   Domain specific reference guides
  • »  CSPs, NSPs, and cloud service providers (data centers)
    •     - ITSM related documentation (process manuals)
    •     - IT governance policy documentation
    •     - eTOM process manuals
  • »  Multi-vendor systems integrators
    •     - Solution design guidebooks
    •     - Vendor-specific Knowledge-based design guidebooks
  • »  Standards, best practices, and regulatory bodies
  • »  Telecoms, software, and hardware systems suppliers
    •     - User manuals and help systems
    •     - Reference manuals (e.g. API documentation)
    •     - Developers documentation
  • »  Research, innovation, and incubation providers
  • »  Online information services & eKnowledge providers
  • »  ePublishing and eLearning content providers

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