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Statement of purpose

This site is an experimental domain specific portal that explores the application of minimalist, XML-based, topic-oriented, authoring in managing information and synthesizing knowledge profiles pertinent to the convergence of ICT services, technolgies, and managemnt practices. It serves as a proof-of-concept front-end to an ongoing development of an actual structured subject matter info base and related taxonomy. The development is built upon OASIS standard XML DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture); being the currently prevelant info development framewrok.


Managing related technology and services convergence is about managing correlated, multi-disciplined, knowledge sub-domains. One may claim that a focus knowledge context is a synthesis (map) of self-contained information topics. Hence, one could think of developing and managing a knowledge context in terms of maintaining modular, re-arrangeable, topics and topic maps.

The topic-based framework explored here is different from platforms like Wikipedia in several ways: 1) It is domain specific; 2) It is hierarchical rather than flat; 3) It adopts a domain taxonomy is mapping topics; and 4) It is not necessarily community editable. The resemblance lies in attempting to present a wide scope of knowledge through topics that are inter-linked and provide external links to related topics and resources. We do rely on contant from Wikipedia* though, for purpose of providing concise description of subject topics. There is no intention to offer full covering description of all cited topics (that would be an encyclopedia size work!). The project is a proof-of-concept that is rather concerned with topic mapping, clssification, and interconnection.

Use cases

Potential use case environments of the proposed framework may include:

  • »  CSPs, NSPs, and cloud service providers (data centers)
    •     - Service management and field operations guidebooks
    •     - Policy and procedures (P&P)
    •     - Service catalogs & SLAs
    •     - Operational asset management content
    •     - Security management operations & vulnerability tracking
    •     - Structured knowledge repositories
  • »  Multi-vendor systems integrators
    •     - Solution design guidebooks
    •     - Structured knowledge repositories
  • »  Standards, best practices, and regulatory bodies
  • »  Telecoms, software, and hardware systems suppliers
    •     - User manuals &amo; help systems
    •     - Reference manuals (e.g. API documentation)
    •     - Developers documentation
  • »  Research, innovation, and incubation providers
  • »  Online information services & eKnowledge providers
  • »  ePublishing & eLearning content providers
    •     - Educational content: K12, universities, technical schools
    •     - Book publishing
    •     - Newspaper and other press media publishing

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